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  • ISBN-13: 9798369216729
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
  • Publication date: 03/20/2023
  • Pages: 120
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  • Included in these short stories is a glimpse of the history of ranch life seen from the perspective of one of the founding father’s great great great grandsons. A massive land grant of over 17,000 acres that was deeded to the family in 1820 by the Mexican government is the setting for these stories. Different perspectives from the people,animals and objects of this ranch are seen through their eyes. Participants include the founding father,his great great great grandson, cattle, white tailed deer and other flora and fauna. Even a windmill that has remained as a permanent fixture on the land shares its story. Comparisons of how things remain and change throughout the years are highlighted. The sights and sounds of a typical evening in South Texas are shared. We gain insight into the perilous life a typical white tailed deer lives through in this ranch. A glimpse of the ranch being settled and established and worked by the old man’s ancestors so many years ago is shared. We enjoy the loving relationship that a cattleman/landowner that has over two hundred years of ranching running through his veins,cares for his favorite bovine. In addition, it is noted how there have been many people who have given their blood,sweat and tears to make the ranch a successful, working ranch. Many day to day practices have changed for this family that still inhabits and works the same land. Finally, we see how one of the mainstays of the ranch, prickly pear, plays a key role in being a critical component in providing both shelter and nutrition to livestock and wildlife.

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