Thoughts For a Portal $13.60 Save:$3.00(15%)
  • ISBN-13: 9781649141422
  • Publisher: Secret Staircase Books
  • Publication date: 07/13/2023
  • Series: Tales of Lentari
    , #4
  • Pages: 304
  • Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)
  • Steve and Sarah Miller find themselves back in the manor house-but it’s 120 years before their time! The portal which delivered them into this mess is one-way, leaving them no way back to their present lives. Sarah has been kidnapped, Steve must return to Lentari for the special crystal necessary to create the two-way portal, and all of this is crucial to Steve’s very existence. He meets his great-great-grandfather, who reveals that he is Lentarian, which means Steve has Lentarian blood too. Traveling between worlds was challenging enough. Making the journey in another time becomes dangerously complex when the realization strikes that anything they change now will have far-reaching repercussions into the future. But if Steve can’t save Sarah and get them back to the present, the history of Lentari as well as their own fate, are in jeopardy. Newly edited and re-released! * * * Praise for Jeffrey Poole’s epic fantasy novels:”I loved this book. It had so much imagination to it. Great for young and old.” – D. Estrada “There’s adventure & a little humor and all the characters are just right. ” – Happy2Day “I especially liked that this story revolved around a husband and wife team, rather than being the typical “hero’s journey” of an adolescent boy.” – M.L. “… plenty of action, adventure, and romance, but is harmless enough for pre-teens to read; it is a well-told tale.” – 5 stars on Amazon “If you love wizards, dragons, griffins & such, you have got to read the Bakkian Chronicles!” – 5 stars online review

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