This Magazine Needs Help! Volume 5: Gwandanaland Comics Nostalgia Series #92-HC: The Magazine with Kissies! Includes Milt Caniff Feature and so much more! $18.69 Save:$3.00(15%)
  • ISBN-13: 9781960468802
  • Publisher: Gwandanaland Comics
  • Publication date: 03/18/2023
  • Series: Gwandanaland Comics Nostalgia Series
    , #92
  • Pages: 212
  • Sales rank: 190,155
  • Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d)
  • THIS IS HELP! – THE MAGAZINE WITH “KISSIES”OVER 200 PAGES OF BALONEY – ALL SLICED UP INTO LITTLE PIECES!HUMOR – SATIRE – PARODY – SOCIAL COMMENTARY – POP CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT For a series that lasted a scant half decade (roughly 1960-1965) HELP! Was critical to the evolution of humor and entertainment in America. It was populated by some of the top writers in the world, including Rod Serling, Algis Budrys, H.G. Wells, and of course the founder Harvey Kurtzan himself. The illustrators were a Who’s Who of the day, including Kurtzman, Al Jaffee, Jack Davis, John Severin – to name but a few. Nothing was off-limits, whether for the sake of a laugh or to poke serious fun at the world itself. It was the most sophisticated and yet irreverent publication of its genre, and while it was never profitable, it was always cutting-edge. It had some controversy, including a parody “Archie Goes Playboy” which resulted in two legal actions and a promise never to reprint the story again (but we never made that promise, so you WILL find it inside)! Like many early 60s Warren publications, the copyright missed its renewal putting it into the public domain. ISSUES V2#5-V2#8ALSO AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACKPUBLISHED BYGWANDANALAND COMICSP.O. BOX 45COPPER CITY MI 49917906-281-9861TO GET OUR LATEST CATALOG AND GUIDEBOOK WRITE TO LOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK (Gwandanaland Comics)Looking for some Gwandanaland conversation, news, updates, and information? Check out the reader-operated Facebook page:FOG Fans of Gwandanaland ComicsIT IS THE BEST SOURCE FOR THE LATEST…. EVERYTHING! Gwandanaland Comics(TM) is dedicated to the concepts, spirit, and the laws which govern copyright and the public domain. We are committed to publishing only those comics which are verified to be public domain. We take great strides and efforts to ensure that our books are legal and ethical. If you have any questions about any book or our process, please write to us anytime. Thank you.

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