A Canvas For Your Graphs: A Pocket Grid Notebook for Designing! $10.19 Save:$1.00(15%)
  • ISBN-13: 9798369269541
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
  • Publication date: 06/17/2023
  • Series: A Canvas For
    , #6
  • Edition description: Notebook of 1/4″ish Grids for You!
  • Pages: 50
  • Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.14(d)
  • This is a RIGHT HANDED version of ‘A Canvas For Your Graphs’.There is a LEFT HANDED version, check the titles, there might have been a problem with the original process. The right handed version will have a ‘green area’ at the bottom of the cover, and the left handed versionwill have the ‘green area’ at the top.Some notes for writing utensils:- “Twistable’ crayons do not work well with this paper, tested with ‘Crayola’ products- Crayons work fine, tested with ‘Crayola’ products- Markers work well, but they do ‘bleed’ unto the back side of the paper, tested with ‘Sharpie’ fine point markers- No problem with pens and pencilsLooking for a small, decorative notebook to record your ideas, but you need graph paper to help?This is one of a series of notebooks, ‘A Canvas For Your . . . ‘. The series will include topics such as graphs, thoughts, music, recipes, doodles, crayons, and eyes. Book measures 4″ x 6″Some helpful information: – 4mm thick – All pages have a scroll-like pattern at the top and bottom of the page. They are 1/2″ in height. – 50 pages – ‘A Gift For You’ page – 2 pages of ‘Notes’ – 2 blank pages at end of book – 1 page with ‘A Canvas For Your’ art – 44 pages of graphsEach page contains a 3 1/2″ wide and 4 1/2″ height.Each graph has 16 row high and 12 rows wide.Each ‘square’ is approx 7mmEdition 2: I’ve added a small image of the graph in the upper left corner. It is also on the back cover in the upper right corner.*This notebook should not be considered acceptable when professional 1/4” graph paper is required.If you are in need of something unique for someone, ‘A Canvas For Your . . .’ just have something you are looking for.

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